Welcome in Kasterlee

Kasterlee is known for its culinary restaurants, numerous forests and, of course, the pumpkins in the month of October. We are also known as the pumpkin village in Belgium. During the month of October, several activities are planned where the pumpkin is the theme, such as the pumpkin shooting, the pumpkin regatta and the pumpkin market.


In the surrounding area, you will encounter a lot of greenery, there are several forests and nature reserves where you can hike, such as on the High Mow or in the Tikkebroeken. There is also something for the children. For instance, you can always go to the Kabouterberg, where the children can play in the woods and in the sand. For the little ones, there is the gnome walk, where they discover the gnomes.

The area around Kasterlee is great for cycling trips on the signposted paths. There are several junctions crossing through greater Kasterlee that you can follow. You can also opt for a mapped out route with nodes or you can do a bicycle search in the summer via Tourism Kasterlee.

In the village, it is possible to rent e-bikes for your cycling trip.

There are also other things you can do as an activity or visit:


For further info, please refer to the Kasterlee Tourism website.

Outside Kasterlee

A trip to the Efteling and the Beekse Bergen will complete your stay. So you can enjoy your favourite rides and park show or too in a safari tour with all kinds of animals.
Nearby, there is also a zoo half an hour's drive away, Pakawi Park.